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Help with print 3DSR on Titan 1


Hi all. We’ve had our Titan 1 for a few years and have yet to create a successful print. Recently, we purchased a bottle of 3DSR so we were working with a Kudo3D resin rather than Makerjuice. Running the test print, we got our best results to date but the print still failed halfway through. I’ve attached a few photos of the test print. The print seems to have failed halfway through and we’re not sure why. There is also a severe warping issue on the bottom of the base. This was done with the large platform with a 100 micron resolution. Projector was focused in, laptop controlling it runs Intel HD graphics. I would love some help troubleshooting this and getting our printer to be functional.

Happy to supply whatever info is needed to get us headed in the right direction. @jkao @Kudo3D_Tech_Supporttestprint1testprint3testprint2


The waviness of the second picture is unusual. Are you sure that the ball head and Z axis are tight and secure?


@jkao the ball head was definitely secure. Just checked the z-axis and it looked secure as well. Snugged up the bolts just in case but couldn’t really tighten much more without over-torquing. I’m running another print today with the small platform to see if I can get some better results. Will take photos of results while still in printer rather than just the print.


@jkao I think I’m getting closer. Tried printing a ring today. Pulled off thingiverse and modeled in a 15mm x 30mm x 1mm based with some cylindrical supports. Noticed that there was significant stretching in the Z axis and stopped the print about halfway through. I think my mistake was the CW settings. I think I accidentally had the “defaultSLA” setting chosen when I sliced the model. The settings for the build platform are 192mm x 108mm with a 254mm Z height. The settings I think they should be are 71.1mm x 40mm with a 100mm Z height. See the attached photos for the wrong settings that produced the print and what I think the right settings should be.

I measured the print and the X and Y both seem to be off approximately the same ratio of the wrong to right settings (Approx 37% smaller than it should be).

Does this all seem sensible? I plan to try another print on Monday when I’m back in the office with the attached settings in CW that I think should fix it. What do you think?



Kudo3D settings:

CW Slice Settings:

CW “Wrong” machine settings that produced print above:

CW “Right” machine settings that I believe should fix the problem:


Have you measured the size of the projected calibration grid? You should not have to guess whether 71.10mm is the correct X dimension, it should be exactly what you measure the length of the projected grid to be.


@jkao I did not… rookie mistake. Will do before next print and research a bit on how to fine tune the position of the projector.

Does the z axis stretch reasoning make sense? I figure even with the current position and with the revised CW settings, I should get something that looks right, albeit a little bit inaccurate. By setting the grid exactly and with the new CW settings, it should be dead on. Am I on the right path?


@jkao SUCCESS! Thanks for the input. At one point we were going to throw the printer away or sell it. I think we can finally start printing some stuff and learning how to use it well.