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Help with printing big, hollow pieces

I’m having a hard time trying to print these. These are long, hollow big pieces. I tried slanting them a bit with supports with no luck. Prints always fail at around 10-15% with layers sticking to the film. I had success with smaller pieces printing them straight, even a big chest piece that I printed several times. I need some advice on how I should approach this prints, since I’m almost out of thoughts.
Resin is Basic White from Kudo3D,
I’m using a 80s exposure for first layer, the decreasing after the first 20 layers to 9s on layer 100.
Lifting height is set up around 6-7mm. This worked out fine with other layers but is no longer working for these ones.

This is the piece I’m trying to currently print. I tried to add a big flat donut to the base since I don’t mind sanding that part off. It worked with other pieces:

Any ideas? I know these are big, chunky parts and that the cilinder forms are specially tough on SLA printers, but I’ve really have no clue what else to try. I’ve wasted so much resin already…

Sounds like a suction issue. Do you have a drain hole in the piece to allow air to enter and release the unexposed resin inside the hollow object as it prints? without it, the file will not release and cause the issue you are reporting. Even if it was on supports and at an angle. You must allow for the resin to release from the inside as it prints.

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This is the other similar pieces I have to print. Here shown with supports, which I figure would fail.

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