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How should I discard the used resin?


Hi, im Ohyun.

Of course, I know that the resin can recyclable.
(the used resin is UHR)
But some resin should be abandoned because they mixed with other water and sth.

So, I want to disposal the resin.
However I confirmed the safety report, but can not sure about I got that.
Thus, should I disposal the resin to organic compound? or inorganic compound?


Uncured resin is hazardous to the environment. If you need to dispose of uncured resin or contaminated resin that you cannot cure, you will need to check with your local government how this is regulated. In the US, chemical waste disposal is regulated at the city level, and most cities have procedures to accept different types of materials. However, you will need to check with your municipal authorities to determine what those procedures are.