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How to solve shrinkage problem?


It has been a few months and I am get to get a descent print! My main problem currently facing is that I have a lot of shrinkage problem with my part. It is basically a 3cm x 2cm X 1 cm block. But the shrinkage keeps on pulling the raft away from the base plate and making the alignment all wrong. How can I adjust the setting to reduce shrinkage?

What resin are you using?

Shrinkage is a property of the resin you’re using, independent of the settings.

Generally speaking, your best bet is to design a part such that it is resistant to warping. The issues are similar to that for FDM ABS and there is a good YouTube video describing how to design warp resistant parts:

Otherwise, your only option will be to change your resin formulation to reduce shrinkage. MakerJuice has quite a lot of shrinkage, if you switch to 3DM ABS, you will substantially reduce the amount of shrinkage.

Additionally, certain types of powder fillers act as nucleating agents and will reduce shrinkage. Talc is the most common additive for this purpose, but fine aluminum powder or ceramic microspheres may also have a similar effect. However, depending on the size of the part, you may need to experiment further with the addition of thixotropic-enhancing additives (like cabosil) or deflocculating agents in order to reduce the amount of settling.

Thanks James,

indeed, I am using maker juice G+. I ordered the SF a few days ago and hope it is a bit better. Have you tried Formlabs tough? Any good?

I don’t believe that SF will have any different shrinkage than G+. I have no used any of the Formlabs resin before, although it’s likely that more viscous resin will require longer inter-layer delays.