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I need some ideas how to ventilate


Did my first resin print today and was using a room that holds a kiln with a vent hood above the kiln. I printed with the vent hood on. Seemed like a good idea, smell was minimal until a student went into the bathroom next door and it smelled like all the smell was pumped in there. Ugh. So any ideas will be appreciated.


It seems that the vent hood does not have an independent pipe going out. If the resin has a strong odor and your room has a window, you might want to open the window.


Oops, good idea, but forgot to mention that it’s an interior room with no windows. :slight_smile:


Your solution probably lies outside the realm of the printer itself.

I think minimally, you need a backdraft damper at that bathroom fan. You may need more if there are other places the vent goes before exiting the building.

If the dampers impede the functioning of the local exhaust fans, then those may need to be replaced.


I spoke with our maintenance staff and that’s a new project for the summer, I hope. My solution right now was to move it from school into my barn. I just moved all the pieces in, leveled it, checked the resolution – it looks good. But, I ran into a problem with dry run of the piece I want to print.

But that’s for a new question that I’m going to create right now, since I’m stuck.
Thanks for your help.