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Iphone 6s case

I rarely get permission to post prints of anything but one of my clients said I could share this print. It was designed by Austin Toth as a proto for an Iphone 6s case design he’s working on. Printed in 3DM-ABS stock resin at 75xyµm and 50 or 75µz (can’t remember as it was a month ago…

After proper calibration, this phone was almost a perfect fit. it’s a half millimeter too long but I believe thats in the design file as it’s pretty spot on after measuring it everywhere else.
Anyways thought i’d stir up the forum a bit with these prints.



man this forum software blows! All the files I uploaded are below 500KB…


Crikey! I did the triple post as well. Sorry folks, can’t edit attachments.

Hi, could i ask what software you use for your support structure as i am really struggling to get anything useful with the creation workshop software.

I use Meshmixer supports and have various settings I use for the size of the model and resolution I’m printing the model at (note you still can’t save these custom settings which is a bummer so write them down). A general tip for Meshmixer supports is that I usually run generate supports in Meshmixer once to lift the model up off the floor and analyze the overhang amounts. Then I’ll most of the time end up deleting all the automatically made supports and just do them one at a time. It’s a bit involved to do it this way but auto supports are troublesome.

Not sure where to say it but I’ve nto been o nin a while to post because the forum software was so hard to deal with but thanks Kudo in upgrading the forums. I’ll check back here more for sure. Also this phone I’m still changing designs for but am RTV casting now and will post progress shots if anymore is interested.


Beginning stages of designing parts to be printed to make a diorama of this 3D animation I’m working on.

Mars Co 3D animation

My friend is an expert rail road modeler. He’s going to help me wire up the tracks etc. but I plan to 3D print and airbrush parts to make a physical model of this animation. I’ll update this thread with 3D prints as I get them done.

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving,