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Is this overcuring?

I attached some pics. The resin is maker juice g+ and is a new bottle. The settings are as follows.
1920 x 1080
build size x 192
native resolution 100
shutter is enabled.
I also uploaded some pics. The parts are supposed to be separate and supposed to be a u clip. but it has resin solidified in between the parts and inside the U. I was planning on filling the build plate with these that is why i am at 100 um resolution.
In the pic there is a group of five of them stuck together. this was my first attempt and had the exposure set too high at around 20 at the base then at 9 for middle then 7 seconds. So i lowered that quite a bit to 4 seconds. now it looks like in the picture the other ones were made at the settings I have in one of the pictures but they still have resin solidified in between them but the layers aren’t formed.

sorry but I guess new users can only post 1 pic at a time. Thats OK I understand. here is another one.

The 1st layer is at 50 seconds exposure but it still lifts. This is with the large build flat no hole build plate. Then the 3 group of parts has 4 second exposure times but still looks like overexposure or some background exposure. I dont know where that would come from since the shutter is working very good.
Thank you to you in advance for trying to help me,

Im not sure but I think its just the resin. Dark colored resin is my favorite but it acts like background exposure becuse resin close to the models cure. Any recommendations?

MJ G+ resins are not formulated for high resolution so you can print with thicker layers and increase the speed. Blue pigment does not absorb purple light so the resolution is even worse than other colors. Shake the bottle thoroughly and then print a few Kudo3D calibration samples. If you can not improve the resolution, then the resolution is limited by the resin. You can try to mix it with UV blocker or red pigment to improve the situation.