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Issue with resin to make silicone cast molds

Hi, I’m using the spot HT resin for jewelry, so I use the printed model to make the silicone mold and it happens that the model get stuck on the silicone.
Do anybody have a clue if is the type of silicone of the mold (more liquid or more solid) or the kind of resin, or maybe I need to get my model more cured before use in hi temperature? Maybe using a UV stove to get the resin cured before?

What do you think?


What kind of silicone and what kind of mold release are you using?

You mention “hi temperature”, but most silicones that I know of cure at room temperature and don’t use heat curing. Can you describe your process in more detail?



RTV Jewelry Molding Rubber
it does not stick

I’m using silicone rubber, hardness 40+5-0 Shore A, cured with peroxide. Cured within 5 min at 177 ºC.

Are you using mold release? If not, that would probably help. Resin is reactive, so mold release will give you extra insurance that there won’t be any residue that will interact with the silicone.

I have not had a chance to use Spot HT but have used almost all the other resins.
I had issues with 3DM ABS resin printed master pieces being molded in platinum cure silicone(SmoothOn), where the silicone was reacting with the printed model and not curing at the surface. Tin cure silicone works great with the available 3DM resins but cures slower.