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Jewellery ring with Spot-HT resin

Hi everybody, this is my first print with Spot-HT resin with 37nm XY and 30nm Z resolution, honestly I expect a smoother surface, at this resolution this results it’s unacceptable, for the basement I have used 60 seconds of exposure and for all the other layer 3.8 seconds, after printing I have washed the ring inside IPA and then put for 10 minutes under UV Box, every suggestion is really appreciate.

some more pictures…

Two things:

Have you added pigment?

Are you anti-aliasing in Creation Workshop? Some of that looks like resolution/jaggies in the sliced images.

No this is the first try so I have used the Spot-HT without pigment and I haven’t used the anti-aliasing in CW do you think this could be the reason for that structure on the ring?

1% pigment in Spot-HT makes a large difference. Its like two different resins.

The jagged edges on the supports look like Creation Workshop artifacts, that anti-aliasing might clear up which will clean some up on the rest of the print as well.

Thank you for your suggestions I try to find some resin black pigment online and then I will print again the same ring to check the difference

this a new attempt of the same ring, I have changed the support and most important I have used anti-aliasing in CW before slicing, there is a little improvement in surface finishing, now I wait for the black pigment to check if there could be a ulterior improvement, for jewellery investment casting it’s really important to obtain the best quality printing…

another picture…

Looks good!

Not at all, if you see the surface is not smooth and detailed as you can expect from a 37micron XY and 30micron Z, I hope to do better than this

you may try the 3DM-CAST resin to reach what you expected

if you don’t want to waste your time & money !!!

Thanks Elia68 for your suggestion, I have one liter of 3DM Cast but before printing with that resin I wait for black pigment, due to the high costs I don’t want to loose money with bad quality printing, and I also need Spot-HT resin for jewellery to produce masterpieces for serial production, I think it’s possible to have the same issue with both high resolution resins: without adding pigment it’s impossible to reach the highest resolution

see pic

i don’t advise you to add pigments to the 3DM-CAST resin ! you will lose all the casting properties of this resin. The 3DM-CAST is designed for 25 microns XYZ resolution

see pics

Tomorrow I try to print the same ring with 3DMCast then I’ll post some pics

Hi everybody these are the ultimate prints with Spot-HT resin plus Spot-A Materials black pigment (0,4% as they recommend), I have printed with the same parameters and exposition and the quality has tangible improvement from the firs print of the same ring (Spot-HT without antialiasing and pigment), check the picture!!! Thanks to all blogger that give me his suggestions…

some more…