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Jewellery ring with Spot-HT resin

It is amazing.

Is it an effect of only the pigments to have vanishing the bulge of the circular marks in the photograph?

Yes after adding black pigment the prints increasing the quality and the bulge disappear, but I don’t understand why the top of the print has sharp and smooth edge while the bottom is porous and corroded…

Liviano, the forum is acting up so I cannot see you images, but chances are what you are seeing to cause the nasty bottoms is light bleed. There are several ways to fix this but I would start by trying more pigment. 0.4% seems entirely too low to me. As I mentioned I get the best results with 1% in spot-ht and in some cases I have used 1.5%.

But the instructions of new black pigment that SpotA Material send me reccomend to mix only 0,4% instead the 2% of the “old” pigment…but if you think that a 1% of pigment could increase quality I’ll try, I hope you could see my pictures to check the differences of the 3 step printing, thanks

Is 0.4% their recommended mix for the titan1?

An easy test that you can back out of if need be. Take a small amount, we’ll call it X amount for now,of spot-ht and mix it to 2% and try and print. If you have trouble getting it to print add X amount back into the 2% mix. You now have a 1% mix. Try again and compare the results. If that still doesn’t work add 2 times X back in and you are back to 0.5%. (This assumes you didn’t mix 0.4% into the entire bottle, in which case the math is a little different.) Does that make sense?

I can see the images now and it still looks like it could be light-bleed or maybe lack of supports.

unfortunately I have mixed the entire bottle, but it’s not a problem to add some more pigment inside, I’m looking for the best quality as possible, so if the pigment could be the solution to remove the light bleeding let’s do it…

@Joshua @Liviano Could you guys post the link to the pigment that you guys use please? Thank you.

Personally I have bought SpotA Material black pigment www.spotamaterials.com

I use the black here:

I have also purchased the pigment from Makerjuice and its basically the same stuff.

Liviano, don’t mix the entire bottle at 2%!

Does other color work as well or only black is the best?

Thank you, guys. I appreciate that.

@Sovann I suppose that also the other colors could work to adsorb UV light, but probably black color is the best, black adsorb all the visible radiation of light…now I have finished to print the same jewelry ring with 3DM-Cast resin…at the first attempt I have obtained amazing results, it’s really better than SpotHT, the surface is polished and the resolution (I use always 37nm XY and 30nm Z) is near perfection…

@Liviano Thank you. Are you planning to cast the 3DM-Castable resin? If you do, it would be much appreciated if you could please let me know how it goes because I haven’t gotten any success casting it yet.

other details…

to cast castable resin you need to buy special mold, the standard gypsum or cristobalite didn’t work at best with this kind of resin, check www.smart3d.net for specific mold…

I am sorry. Do you mean the investment and the flask? I couldn’t find anything about mold in that website. Maybe is it hidden somewhere?

click on 3dprinter, after click on Gypsum…

Aww… This company is in Italy though. I am in the US, so it will cost hundred of dollar to ship it here since it is 22kg. Also, I am still not sure what Gypsum is after googling. Hahhaha… Sorry. Is this something like this? http://www.riogrande.com/Product/Ransom-and-Randolph-PlastiCast-Investment-50-lbs/702349?Pos=6

I am planning to get this and try to cast the 3DM-Castable resin again.

this is the results, finally I have casted the 3DM-Cast resin and now you can check the quality, this is the pre-polish now I have to set the stones and after I finish the ring

Uou beautiful! Congratulations! Please post when you put the stones!