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Jewellery ring with Spot-HT resin


good job Liviano :wink: what is the burnout cycle and gypsium plaster that you used ?


is this white gold? Looks great!


As far as pigment colors go, black or red should both be fine and perform similarly.

Yellow is probably also okay.

Blue or white will cause problems since the pigments will scatter (e.g. reflect in all directions), rather than absorb, curing wavelengths and thus not have the desired effect on print quality.

Green is an interesting question. In theory, it should also be okay (similar to yellow), but I seldom see prints in this color.

Think of your high school color spectrum: ROYGBIV

Curing wavelengths are in the V to UV range. Pigment colors closer to the V end are more likely to reflect, rather than absorb, curing wavelengths. Pigment colors on the R end are more likely to absorb, rather than reflect, curing wavelenths.


@Liviano Wow, it looks great. Mine is a lot worse. I have been struggling with casting the 3DM Castable since I got my printer four months ago. I have also spent a lot of time and money trying other resin without any luck because they don’t work well with the Titan 1. It is very frustrated. It would be much appreciated if you can share with us the burning cycle and the material that you used. Thank you very much.


Luviano, are you vacuum casting?


I don’t really know the exact process of casting because I gave the castable resin to a company specialized in gold casting, they only do this, I have only pre-polished the ring after casting…when the ring is finished with all the stones I’ll post some pictures


The burnout schedule is more about keeping the flask at 200 degrees f and allowing the resin to melt out 2+ hours and slowly ramping up over the next 8 to 10 hours rather than a regular burnout leaving ash. I was told to blow out the flask with compressed air careful of residual water in your compressor tank coming out, and adding some oxygen to the kiln chamber during burnout helps. I have not tried this as of yet but I have the other way of a regular burnout schedule and had pitting and ash using the 3DM resin which I find to make fantastic high res prints @ .8 seconds exposure 25nm XY and 30nm Z no pigment needed. I have 50lbs of plasticast on the way to do the casting…I have heard a 2 hour bench rest of the flask after investing and mixing exactly how the manufacturer instructions dictate as well as following the slower burnout schedule will bring success. I have also heard about a new resin that is water soluable and will not need a regular burnout which will make it all easier. It is not available as of yet but I should get some in 2 weeks as a beta tester. I will post pictures as well as cast it and let all know how it goes. The prints you have all done are great and I have found more supports especially at the bottom and top are very important for a good print…Enjoy!!!


this is the end of process, the ring is finished and I’ll deliver to the customer tomorrow, there is an Ethiopian opal ct 2,34 surrounded by yellow sapphires ct 0,70 and two diamonds ct 0,30, the ring weight gr 6,39