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Jewelry Rings in 3DM-ABS

After 2-3 Days if R&D in Kudo3D Tintan1 Printer, we got succesful prints of different jewelry models. I take support from Kudo Tech support team and Mr James Kao to do R&D in Exposure time.

This rings are printed in 0.05 mm layer height, we could get fine detailing in 3DM – Cast also, but for testing purpose we have used this material.

Thank you Kuso Team for such a great Pinter.

I really like the ABS. Its very easy to work with. The one drawback is how fast it eats print trays!

Thumb up Kishan! :sparkles:
Indeed the details of your rings look awesome.

Yah, keep enjoying printing! Kudo3D is always here to support.

May I know if you have tried our 3rd generation resin containers, which is the one in store now?

We have replaced the side walls with a new material that is resistant of the attack from 3DM resins.
Basically there is no difference in the lifetime, regardless which resins you use. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if I have! Is it both the soft and the hard that work? I usually only use the soft as I only print small parts with the small build plate!

Yes, we have modified both the hard and the soft vats. May I know when did you get your vats?