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Kudo Slicer software



until yesterday i used Kudo Slicer… but the trial period has finished, i have visit the link to see the price, but send me to Index webpage, and in store, there isn’t software…

How much cost a license of software?
Where i can purchase it?
Why i have to purchase a software, for use a printer of Kudo? (Other brands offer free the softwarwe)


If you’re needing a slicer for the Titan2 (and probably Titan2 HD), I wrote a tool to help:

It’s Windows-only. Use Slic3r (free app) to export a file to SVG, then use my app to convert that SVG to a ZIP file that you then upload to the Titan2. I haven’t used the Bean, but the files my app outputs are probably usable by most DLP printers.