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Kudo Software Stops


I have encountered a problem with the software just stopping. It’s not a crash as I could still control it.

It’s happened quite a few times. It’s really annoying as I was about 3.5 hours in on a print. It just completes the layer, lifts and drops back down then just holds and doesn’t start the next layer.

It’s a waste of time and resin. Sure I could try disconnect then reconnect and try to resume the print but because it just sat there for a while, I have a layer of cured resin from the stray light.

Has others had this issue?

Are you describing a software crash or a USB disconnect?

I have not heard of any reports of software instability, but there are many factors that could cause USB disconnects.

The most important I’ve found is that the current on the motor driver is set to less than 1 amp (probably the 700-800mA range would be good). Measuring and setting the current is described at:

You should also check the USB power sleep settings in your Device Manager and disable all of the sleeps.

The best way i’ve found to confirm that the setup is stable is to connect to the printer, move the axis, and then leave the laptop and the printer on for the next 12-24 hours. Then come back and see if you can move the axis without having to reconnect anything. If something went to sleep during that time or was flaky, it will likely manifest during printing as well.

Hi James,

Yeah, it’s not a crash. And I am not entirely sure if it’s a USB disconnection. Because I hit stop and hit run again and it started projecting from the first layer. So it was still working. It just seemed like the software stopped sending commands to the printer.

This has happened before but I have had prints go beyond the 3.5 hour mark. So it’s also not consistent with when it happens.

But thanks for the tip on the device manager sleep. I didn’t know about that. So I will check that out just in case it was the reason.

I’m having the same issue. From some dry run testing I’ve noticed it happens every other print if I dint close the Kudo software between prints. If I close it, it seems to function correctly. This error has destroyed 2 of my vats and I’m in contact with Catherine in hopes of getting this bug fixed and replacement vats for the ones that have been destroyed.

Savan12986, about closing the software between print, YES!!! I’ve learned the hard way also, if I don’t do this very strange things randomly happen, I make it a standard SOP personally to always shut down software before I start another run…Had saved so many head aches!

Hi guys,

That’s interesting. I will make sure to shut it down between prints.

But in saying that, it’s a bug that needs fixing for sure. So I am glad Kudo3d know about it. Because of this, I honestly still am not comfortable with starting a print and walking away; I keep checking every few minutes.

Now this is interesting, Titan 2 with Optoma projector. Approx. 3/4 of the way through a print that was started at 10:45pm last night, it came to a stop. In the morning I went to see the result only to find this. And for someone other than me it captured the coded info. The printer was as follows: On, Projector on with lamp on, fans running, shutter open, build platform in full contact with vat. Using current version of Chrome, it indicated no contact with printer, And subsequent attempts I could not re-establish connection. I shut down printer with rear power switch and established connection with all normal control. ?!?!? IDK

Also… I have disabled Auto Windows updates so as to not have disruptions in the middle of the night.

Please send an email to contact@kudo3d.com for technical support. It seems that the Raspberry Pi is crashed. Titan 2 is controlled through raspberry pi so windows update should have no impact.

The above was the first time this has happened, so I had expected Windows to be at fault. After rebooting printer, I loaded the zip and config files pressed print and 5 hrs later a perfect print.