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Kudo3D V2.0 software missing features?


I’ve searched desperately through the forums but I can’t find anyone talking about V2.0 of the Kudo3D software, so I apologize if this has been brought up already.

I would like to be able to set the inter-layer delay but having only bought the Titan1 a month ago I have only had access to the latest version of the Kudo3D control software that does not have the down-speed or the layer delay. Does anyone have a link to the old version or know of how to re-enable this functionality in the new version?


V1.43’s URL is still alive.

Many thanks for the links, it works great.

Any idea why V2.0 of the software removed these features and set a default delay of 0.5s? I would be surprised if this was optimal because I tend to use very viscous resins like 3DM-XGreen and I can clearly see resin still moving around under the curing light with the short delay.