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Layers Feed Out Of Order

Just started using the Titan 2 printer and am having some issues with layers feeding in out of order on the software. The file names are all just numbers starting at 1 and go up by increments of 1. When I try to print however I am noticing the software is actually pulling the layer images files in the order of 1, 10, 100, 101, 102, 103…109, 111, 112, 113…119, 12, 120. I have tried to batch rename the files to add a prefix to each file of <(generic_name_353)>file#.png to see if a buffer in front of the file name would correct the input feed error but it still seems to be pulling the images out of order.

I am using SLAcer.js to slice the stl files and package them into a zip folder before uploading to kudo3d.local

You may need to zero-pad the file numbers the same way Creation Workshop would do it.

I’ve tried to pad the file numbers with 0’s and #'s and I am still getting the same results. I’m using Advanced Renamer to batch process the files names and have noticed that when I slice my own .stl in SLAcer.js and then export the zip file, all the files read the same way in different programs 1, 10, 100, 101, 101, 103…199…2…20…200…this happens when I view the files in advanced renamer, winzip,(kudo3d.local), etc. but when I view the packaged .png files from say the TANK, or OWL that’s found on the download page they read in the correct numerical sequence in those programs 1,2,3,4…

So I’m guessing the issue lies with SLAcer.js and the exporting of the files. If no one has had this problem before, what are then some alternative slicing programs out there? The download for CW in the Software Manual provided by Kudo continuously crashes during mid slicing (perhaps because now you have to pay for it?)

Could you send the slices to contact@kudo3d.com so we can check it? Thanks

Hmmmm, I’m running into the same problem. The layers feeding out of order, sliced with SLAcer.js.
Any news from Tech_Support?

Might need to pad zeros. Please send the .zip to contact@kudo3d.com and we can try on our printer.

From trying to run SLAcer.js on two different computers I have had no success and the issue might lie with the program/os compatibility. I think there is some sort of meta data being packaged with the files and exported incorrectly for the PC running windows 8. Even after converting all the file names and padding them with Advanced Renamer it would still pull the files out of order, yet the same files I got back from the Kudo support team that they renamed ran just fine (I named the files identically to how Tech_Support had named the ones they sent). I tried to slice the same file on a Mac and regardless of the build tray volume (x-y values) I would input prior to slicing, the packaged files all defaulted the object on a much larger platform making the piece smaller then it was intended.

I like Creation Workshop if I can get it to work. I have been using it in a limited capacity as I need to use a friends computer to run it (using Windows 10). Running it on the Windows 8 machine, the program crashes almost always during slicing (about 1-2% success rate) despite having looked into the various issues surrounding CW here in the forums for solutions.

Unfortunately with no proprietary software from Kudo, it looks like my options are to either buy a dedicated computer to run the software for cheap or to go through the trouble of changing the OS on my pc.

Yes, I tried renaming the files with padded zeros, but had no success either. I downloaded the CW demo on a PC running Windows7 and it sliced fine. No crashes and the slices were in order. I’m trying to find a way to buy the CW software, but at the end of the year, there’s not much money in the school budget. This Titan1 was donated to our school, and it’s a nice/generous gift, but I don’t think anyone expected it to take this much time and money, except me. Lol.

Anyway, our art teacher wants me to build a press for some ceramic medallions that she makes for all the graduating 8th graders. Basically, a round base with letters and a graphic in reverse to press into clay. Just tried my first prints tonight and both attempts fell off the platform. So I assume I have to adjust my model, which makes me care less about slicing this version of the model. So I think I’ll avoid slacker.js in the future.

Would you be able to send the stl to contact@kudo3d.com and we can check it with the SLAcer? There is an older CW in their forum. You can find the link in the software manual. You can also evaluate CW manual support generation.