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Looking for a UV Bulb Compatible with my SLA Projector


I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me find a UV bulb emitting UV light on the 280-360 nm wavelength (preferably closer to the 280 nm side) that would be compatible with a Vivitek D912HD projector [B9Creator 3D printer].

As long as the bulb works with the projector (I can reconfigure the software and curing curves myself) and has the operational capacity to print one layer of a specified schematic, it should be sufficient for my needs.

Thanks in advance!




You will get no light out since the UV cut filter will remove almost all of the UV. If you remove the UV filter, the UV will kill the DMD chip inside the projector.


Have you considered using a UV LED instead?


We are planning to use 405nm LED for Titan3. 405nm is purple not UV.