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Macro lenses


Hey guys,
So I’ve bought some macro lenses of ebay for 11$ and they work great. I’m able to print 25 micron XY, without modyfying the lens. Also even 38 micron works better than by default, since you’re able to adjust focus ring to mid range resulting in more of the projection in focus. Also it’s possible to get resolution slightly lower than 100 micron but grt full plate in focus, useful for printing large objects.

There is some spherical aberration, but for my jewelry pieces it’s insignificant. However, for the next step I will create a photoshop action that counteracts aberration, then I can batch process all the images.

here’s the link to the lenses




Spherical aberration is one of my biggest issues for batch printing and drives me nuts.

I am running at 50 micron so, are you saying with these lenses I can reduce the spherical aberration at my setting?

Will one of these work for my 50 micron?


yup it should help, i could test it out within next few days


If and when you do make that batch process I would be very interested in using it. Be nice to potentially be able to get crisp prints from the edges of the build plate.


My brain is tired but this looks great. Can you give me a simple play-by-play of how you set it up? Which of the lenses did you use, etc? I grabbed them because they were cheap. Would love to give it a whirl! Thanks.


We have tried this before. The spherical aberration becomes worse while getting more resolution. Software cannot cure this problem but software can cure barrel distortion. Barrel distortion distorts the image but keeps the image sharp. Spherical aberration causes the image not being focused on the same plane so the edges and corners are blurred.


“We have tried this before. The spherical aberration becomes worse while getting more resolution.”

Support, are you saying worse with the lenses? “We have tried this before” or, what was the result?


You can get finer details in the center with the lenses but at the same time getting more distortion and spherical aberration. If uniformity is not an issue, you can try it.


Uniformity is a huge problem for batch printing,


Josh, had you given this a try, if so, how did it go?


I did, been printing with it since on my higher-res machine. With the acer projector I get about 20% of what I would consider useable space even though the projected image is smaller. (I keep one of my machines at 37micron and one is variable.) On the 37micron machine there is aberration but at that size its barely noticeable. I am only using the 2X lens. On the other machine the aberration is noticeable above 50microns or so.