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Main body keeps attached to the film



My bean can’t merge supports and the main body part (about 4 times)

Only support and blunted part attached on the building plate, and body part attached on the film

It can’t be the slice file problem, I had succeeded 1st time print.

I had used the exposure time table of Black, and checked horizontality of vat & building plate everytime.

Would I increase the exposure time over main body?

or change the film?


I think we need a bit more information:

  1. What does the object you are trying to print look like?
  2. What resin are you using?
  3. Are you using the default built-in settings for that rein?
  4. Have you been able to print the rook successfully?

  1. Tank:
  1. Object arrangement

  1. Actual print

  1. the arrangement file link


2&3. I had used your Bean Black resin and its default setting

  1. I didnt print Rook stl file


How much resin did you pour into the vat? Did you replenish resin after your first successful printing? Height of liquid level would affect the flow rate of resin and ease of peeling, especially crucial for layers just after supports like your case.


I always empty out the resin vat after print (especially when failure happens) so, viscosity and reactional residue of the resin is not an issue here


Maybe my explanation is not quite clear. With more resin in the vat, the peeling is easier, >150ml resin is recommended.


By the way, increase the exposure time and lift height in layers right after supports are helpful.


Just to be clear, I don’t work for and am not paid by Kudo3D, I’m just another buyer, so it’s not my Black Bean resin or settings :slight_smile:

Are the actual prints that you depict from the Bean? Or from a different printer? I’m trying to understand whether you problem is that the print never works, or if you have an intermittent problem.

Generally speaking, it’s problematic to print parts totally flat, they should be angled in order to minimize the surface area of the individual layers.

Also, I do recommend that you print the rook before going to your own parts because that will validate whether your printer is mechanically functional.


oh I didnt know ill try



kk, ill try again! thanks!


That’s helpful to me.