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Maker Juice SF (red)

New prints using maker juice SF red

50um resolution
14+hr build time

I’ve not printed in MJ-SF in quite a while now but I always thought it was great for organic sculptures like the one your showing above. Great job! The supports look kinda bulky. Did you have a hard time finishing this or are the pics kinda misleading. Cheers.


Yeah I went crazy on the supports. I want to try a 3rd party program. I found mesh mixer and overloaded on the supports big time Hahaha.
I used the hollow option as well. I can’t believe how easy it was. As for support removal I used a dremel then sanded the rest off. No supports on the front. I should have shown a pic of the back. If you use some plastic cutters it breaks large chunks off. This resin is way to brittle. So I opted for my dremel.

What’s crazy too I found when printing. I had small and large air bubbles trapped in between the silicone and acrylic right in the middle of my vat and it didn’t warp or disfigure my print. I wonder if it’s because my exposure times ranged from 19-12 secs? I don’t worry anymore about trapped air bubbles since it doesn’t effect printing quality.

Most of the time, air bubbles won’t matter because the previous layer will push down (to within 100 microns, 50 microns, or whatever your layer height is) onto the floor of the vat.

I would still watch out for the separation of components of the vat (acrylic to silicone or silicone to FEP) since printing forces can cause the gaps to grow, and you wouldn’t want a gap to reach the edge of the vat in the middle of the print.