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Miniature printing: Parameters


Greetings, fellow Resin users.

I’M a noob, coming from the FDM printers - in fact, still use them, but for my miniatures and figurines I thought a resin would be nice. Now mind you, I do not own the software yet, so my settings are liited to the kudo3d.local options.

I’ve read through the forums and used some csv adaptions for my first print (took 6,5 hrs to finish), but the result was a broken piece.

Model was a 22mm D&D miniature.

I’m trying to figure out settings for “green” resin (I got a few different ones, even tough but wanted to start with green for now). Here are examples what I’m trying to print: https://www.kudo3d.com/portfolio-items/kami_army_miniatures/

If anyone of you fair folks has successfully printed miniatures and would share the details for the settings, you’d be my god.

Side note: I used support structures from Meshmixer, perhaps they were not good enough.



First off, somewhere in the support settings there’s a setting for angles usually et to 30degrees or so. This is the threshold angle used to decide if a part needs supports.
0degrees is a completely horisontal part. 90degrees is vertical.
This can easily be set much lower. 10 or even 5 degrees will work in many cases.
There may also be a setting for how far apart the supports should be. This may usually be increased.

You will need to run a ‘hollowing’ operation on the model, and add a hole somewhere, to help unexposed resin drain from the mini. This hole can be anywhere, but if you print something with an integrated base like that, and it’s placed vertically, either place the hole somewhere on the body, or if under the base, have the base a couple of mm off the build platform and held in place by supports. (You need to be able to empty the mini for resin before you dunk it in IPA )

You can tilt a mini if you want. Anything facing upwards will usually not require supports, so it’s a good idea to let the face point upwards… (THAT lesson only cost me 10Hours of printing time)

Nothing wrong with FDM printers. I have two myself.
Different uses and all that.


Well… as the guy who printed, molded and cast the kami army, maybe I can help too! I agree that that is way too many supports, and they are too thick. I always place them by hand and never auto-generate them. Also agree with with lifting the figures off the build plate and using supports instead of the base directly. However, I disagree with hollowing the figure in anyway. These figures are small and have no need to be hollow. Hollowing them will only weaken the final model. Doesn’t save you hardly any resin at this size either.


roughly 38mm tall I shrank him a little to much. Orc Shaman compared to warhamster SpeshMarns.

I just uploaded into Kudo slacer and used the settings provided. I will figure out how to put supports.