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NanoBean, the nanoDLP Bean mod


Dear community,
After a lot of tweaking and reading and failing, I am happy to announce a working nanoDLP mod for Bean.


Instructions included.
I bear no responsibility for damages done by this mod, but I can assure you, after a week of prints it seems to work with no problems at all.

Kudo3D team, could you consider creating proper profiles for your resins? I created the Green 25 and 50 micron resin profiles but I don’t have the rest so I don’t know anything about them. Also, you could check out the changes in the marlin FW I included so you can make any future releases nanoDLP compatible? it remains compatible with your original raspberry software.


Hi nnatsios,
As I don’t want to get through all what you made, it is possible to import a CSV (excel file) with all the parameters you have tested for the resins. Is it possible for you to send those? For every day user, it will be more practical and more efficient, even though we have to input the csv file first at each print.
Thank you for your work.
Hoping you can access my demand!


Any way to do without flashing?


Hi there,
The NanoDLP resin profiles are saved as .json files. I have included a green 50 micron, and 2 Phrozen profiles.
Creating a good resin profile requires quite a bit of testing, and currently this is all I had the time and money to make.
If I manage to test more resins in the future, I will surely share any good profiles with the community.


The stock firmware lacks motion completion callbacks. The modified is exactly the same, with the addition of callbacks, and it works both for NanoDLP and stock SD images.
So you cannot do the NanoDLP mod without flashing, but after flashing you can go back by just swapping the SD.


hello. any suggestions for unsuccessful arduino flashing? the upload has failed and that seems to have corrupted the arudino so now nanodlp and stock bead rpi do not work.


a lot of this
avrdude: stk500v2_ReceiveMessage(): timeout

and this
avrdude: stk500v2_getsync(): timeout communicating with programmer

Then the timeout error and failed upload. Arduino IDE v 1.8.8


avrdude: stk500_send(): failed to send command to serial port


The raspi wifi is not working in this distro. To enable, I had to comment out the overlay=sdhost in the boot.cfg file.

I also ran sudo apt-get install firmware-brcm80211 for good measure but I wouldn’t do that unless its not working still. (I did that before I realized the overlay was disabling the wifi)