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Need help,problem with thin large film resin appear around the object printed


need help!
i alway got a problem with some large thin film resin appear around the object printed .i think it also affect to the print quality
the object printed is not good shape,not detail.
does any one know what is the problem : resin,projector or the exposure time?how can i solve that problem.
i’m printing 50 micron
i’m using GC3DFOB- C purchased on ebay from the man in Taiwan
thank and waitting for your help!!!


I’m not positive, but it looks like the very bottom of the ring isn’t supported.
Try moving the ring further from the bed and generating more supports.


thank Frankincell for your help
can you please send me your file with support and the csv and slices file so that i can test?
my email address : tranminhlong1@gmail.com


The ring I used is from Thingiverse. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:338040
The supports were generated in the free program MeshMixer. http://www.meshmixer.com/
I can’t attach files to this post, so I’ll share the mix file from MeshMixer and the supported version of the STL file from onedrive in my next post.
I would recommend that you slice the STL with the default settings in your own software.
My machine has been modified so much that my settings and slice file wouldn’t work on your machine.


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Here’s the mix file from MeshMixer and the supported version of the STL file on my OneDrive.

If you’re not using eco-mode now, then yes, use eco-mode and increase your exposure time 20%.
I would also recommend a test where you increase your first layer exposure times significantly and lower your lifting speed. Beyond that, I don’t know.


thank for your help
the printed look better but still got the problem with large film resin appear around the object .do you think the problem due to the light source from projector?
my projector is acer H6510BD,should i use the eco light?


How many seconds per layer is your cure time? You’re getting background cure artifacts where the cumulative effect of background illumination from your lamp is building up and curing unintended resin. This often happens in resins that are too sensitive (e.g. too fast) and/or insufficiently pigmented (especially for clear and blue resins, which are ineffective at fully blocking penetration of the broad light spectrum emitted by DLP lamps)


i’m using 2 to 2.5 seconds/layer.do you think i have to redue the time /layer?


Faster cure times indicate that the resin is more sensitive, including more sensitive to background light and scattered light. Settings won’t help with the problem of background curing, where the light from the projector in the black areas (which like any projector isn’t truly “black”, just less light than the white areas) cures resin over the duration of the print. The only way to solve this type of problem is to find different resin - resin that is slower or pigmented darker. Translucent colors, and specially those in the blue-clear range, may be impossible to print with cleanly.


thank for your help jkao
by the way ,does anyone know which software to create the support like this?