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New slicing tool for Titan 2

I was having “issues” with the currently supported toolchain, so I wrote an app to help things along. I call it SVG2PNG4DLP. Lots of letters, I know. First, use Slic3r to export your model to SVG. Then my app takes that SVG (with coordinates in mm) and converts it to a ZIP file of PNG images that can be used on any DLP machine. You can configure the projection resolution and build volume to mach your device. Added features: It creates the black background, automatically scales the image properly to match the stated parameters, and centers the model on the build plate. Point it an an SVG, and a ZIP file gets dropped right beside it. You can then upload that ZIP directly to the Titan for printing. Enjoy.

btw, it’s for Windows 10, may work in 7 and 8 as long as .NET 4.6.2 is installed