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New user of the upcoming Bean 3d



I am future user of the Bean 3D.

I am new in 3D DLP SLA printing, not in 3D printing, i have a FDM printer…

There is some resource (web/document/video) when i can learn about DLP SLA printing?
Where do you recommend me to start?
I have read that the configuration of each used resin is very important. Is there any system? What depends on the resin or the printer?
someone already has the printer (Bean 3d)?


Same here! I have a FDM printer for about 3 years. It should be good to have a trustfull source to learn
about DLP / LCD printers.

I think that Kudo mensioned in the last update that will start to shipping 30 units soon, in early february.
I’m number #28 and they didn’t make contact with me about shipping conditions yet.


You ordered by Kickstarter or Indiegogo? And when aprox?

For make mean idea what quantity are sending


I ordered from Kickstarter.
I still waiting for Kudo support to define shipping conditions, I sended an e-mail for support on 20th january.

"I’m waiting the estimated shipping cost from our local courier, will update you ASAP.
Thank you for the patience
Best regards,

Kudo3D Inc. "

Some strange things happened with Kickstarter pledge. I order two of them (me and my wife with different accounts) but Kickstarter just validate one of those.

Well… let’s wait for some feedback and updates


Please, when you receive the printer… Can make the please of post in forum…

For know the times


Well it looks like we are nearly there to receive our kickstarter pledges, I’ll hopefully be able by then to give a full run-down of what we are getting and be testing out resolutional accuracy and material integrity of the polymers supplied.
Things are looking up :slight_smile:

I also understand from the kickstarter comments that some printers are already on their way minus the CE certification marking…


First review by 3dNoob

Can’t wait to put my hands on it :slight_smile:


Second review not so encouraging: