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Hi everybody
I’ve received my titan 1 last week. I’ve installed everything and done the calibration.
Yesterday night, I’ve done my first print and it was catastrophic…
If someone can help me because I really don’t know what’s going on.

I use the bronze resin. I’ve try to create a button in 50 microns.
I’ve used the parameters :

This morning when I’ve came in front of my printing, plateform was up and after get out the resin from the vat it’s done that :

Also now my VAT is destroyed but I don’t understand what’s going on. If someone can help me :wink:


Looking at the picture, the vat may be salvageable if you can get the base layer off. You need to do so using something like a plastic razor scraper that can gently separate the base layer off the film. You can see how I do this (in a smaller example) in this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwMV0GWRWzY

When you say “bronze resin” which manufacturer and type of resin are you referring to? Do you mean 3DM Cast? Or is that one of the SPOT-A resins you have? I can’t quite tell from the label.

The remnant of the attachment layer that you’re showing in your picture seems too thick. The shrinkage from such a large attachment layer can warp the vat film. You want the attachment layer to be fairly thin (0.1 to 0.3mm, I actually always go with just 1 layer of whatever layer height I am printing).

Another possibility is that the zero level for your bed is too far away from the film. That will result in the first layer being too thick. You need to make sure that when you set the zero level, the build plate is touching the vat floor.

I would think that 13 layers at 60 sec. is too many and way over exposed!


Your layer thickness is set at 0.5, for 50 microns it should be 0.05.

Try running the Kudo calibration model a few times at different exposures to dial in your exposure setting.

When I ran this with Spot HT I found around 4 seconds worked for me. I have attached my settings

For my models I usually have a 0.2mm base thickness with 60 seconds for first layer then 30 seconds for next 3.

It is also better to be a bit conservative on the lift speeds, after some issues with warping trays using 3DM Cast I have gone back to 15mm / min for all layers. You can reduce the lift height a little bit to compensate if your prints start taking too long.