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Pause and Change Resin Color

Just asking does any of the Kudo’s 3D printer have the ability to pause during printing to exchange resin colors to print multi colors objects?

You can do the following for your use case:

  1. Note the layer number currently being printed, displayed in the UI
  2. Stop the print
  3. Lift the build plate
  4. Swap resin vats, empty and refill the vat, or do whatever stationary operations you’d like
  5. Lower the build place by the same amount you lifted
  6. Enter in the layer number you wish to resume at
  7. Start the print

Will this work? I mean to say the duration of swapping the resin vats and refilling will take time. Apart from that if we resume the print from the paused layer some adhesion problem will occur if i am not wrong. Do correct me?

If the resolution of resin is high, swapping the vat may not work as the thickness of the silicone inside the vat may be slightly different and may cause an adhesion problem. To make sure the next layer stick to the last one, you would need to overexpose the next layer with a much longer exposure time. You would need to do the same if the print is paused for a long time. The shrinkage could cause a larger gap between part of the model and the vat floor.