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Pausing, Changing Settings, & Resuming The Print

Can someone please tell me the step-by-step process of pausing a print to change parameters and then resuming the print.

In reading Jensa’s reply 10002 and 9999 I thought the process would be:

  1. Click “Pause” button on print tab

  2. Look at Z-pos which is shown after you hit pause, then if you want to inspect the print lift the model out of the resin with Up Buttons on control tab, then bring it back down to the same z-position.

  3. Change print settings, and make the next layer the “start layer”

  4. Click “Stop”

  5. Click “Run”

But when after I click “stop” the “run” isn’t available (cant be clicked), I have to hit “pause” and then I can click “run” but it doesn’t change to my new print settings.

Am I missing a step? Any help would be appreciated.

I’ve tried to resume printing many times but have never had any success. Now, I just say, “**** it” and start again. Yes, you’ve lost some time and material, but there’s no assurance the print will finish well. If you’re careful and have a filleted attachment layer, you can probably just raise the print bed, squeegee the excess resin back to the resin tray, cover the resin tray, and scrape the plate clean (wear a glove when you hold onto the plate).

this above step is possible with creation workshop software?

Users can only stop the print in order to change the settings. After changing the numbers, start the print again from the next layer. Pause is usually used to check if the print is attached to the build platform. Resume will bring the platform back and print the next layer with the existing numbers. Due to shrinkage, pausing or stopping for too long during a print will create a horizontal line across the model.