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Percentage fill


I come from Fused deposition modeling 3D printer and when I print with this type of printer, I can use the “percentage fill” control the amount of internal structure being filled. The interior is not fully empty but with may crossing fibres to maintain the structural integrity of the item.

I wonder how can I do this with Kudo3D? This is different from hollowing as hollowing will empty the inside.

The way that DLP SLA printers works is completely different. Fill is a path-based approximation of an interior surface that can only be done because a 1-dimensional line in FDM has non-zero width.

You will need to specify exactly what you want the shape to be printed to be. There is no concept of infill or perimeter/floor/ceiling customization.

The standard toolchain for an DLP SLA printer is to use something like Meshmixer to hollow out the inside of a part, and then place the supports necessary to make the part print internally. The types of infill generated in the form of paths that Slic3r, Cura, Simplify3D, or kisslicer aren’t 3D and can’t be exported in the 3D form necessary for DLP based slicing in Creation Workshop.

Thanks for the detailed explanation!