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Please help with troubleshooting this print

Hey there, I’m printing a jewelry piece at 38 xy, 30z and I’m running into a weird issue. The side of my print facing the build platform comes out way worse than the side facing the vat. To be sure I reoriented my part upside down, and sure enough, the side facing the vat came out stellar and sharp. The side facing the build platform is all velvety or melted. Any ideas? I’m printing in spot ht with pigment (forgot how much), 5 sec cure time. Tried 3 sec and results were not as good. I’m doubling my cure time to 10 sec now, will see the results soon.

i tried 10 sec exposures, same result

Tiny features may not be supported properly and they are hard to be supported. Also, the density, size and height of supports have an impact. We normally add supports with a height of at least 5mm. The height depends on the size of the model and the viscosity of the resin. If possible, orient the model to avoid important features near the supporting area.