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Power Issue New Bean

I just opened up my green bean, and I’ve got no trouble connecting to the repeater. I cannot connect to kudo3d.local/#, though. From the videos that I’ve seen, when I power on the green bean, the fan at the back should be working, and the lights at the front should be working. But, I only get the green led light at the power button to light up and nothing else appears to be working.

Is there a hardware issue? What do I do now? Like I said, this is a brand new green bean that was only just opened.

Yes, it should light up more than just the green led at the power button. I’ve seen where the pins inside are very close to shorting out and added some tape between components to stop that from happening. I don’t have pictures handy but there is a topic on here somewhere about what needs to be done. Unplug the Bean, pull off the back (just a couple of screws) and look inside and see if you see any boards that are close to touching others, Add tape/paper between to stop them from doing so, try plugging in again and see if it works. Beats sending it back.