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Power vat? Need advice NOW

Both my regular resin vats for my Bean has begun to warp and it’s causing failed prints. A lot of them and a lot of wasted time.
(It can take up to 6hours until a print is tall enough to observe, and the few times I’ve tried the ‘inspect’ function, it has immediately started printing again,without waiting for the platform to lower again afterwards, and ruining the print… )

So, next month I’ll be shopping.
I’ll either be buying a power vat and resin, or I’ll be buying a different printer.
Because I won’t be buying $99 vat without instructions and preferably a downloadable printer update or a profile file.

I bought a power vat a few months ago and have been using it. Is there a particular question you have?

From a printing perspective, it pretty much functions that same as the regular vat and is serviced the same way (film replacement process is identical). The main difference is that the walls are a hefty block of machined aluminum rather than plastic.

Does it require other settings?
in the blurb they claim faster printing, but that can’t be achieved without a different print profile.

Not that it matters. A Power vat is $99, and a new LCD is $69(yeah, the LCD is failing also. It’s stripey.), and that is most of the way to a new printer from someone else. Maybe even a brand that can use resin I can source here in Norway so that I can avoid horrendous shipping times and customs handling…
Maybe I can even find a company that cares about support…

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