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Print Becoming Squashed as it Builds

Considering myself still a beginner to 3D printing, up until now I’ve only produced a dozen or so prints and the ratio aspect of them were doing fine, but all of a sudden the most recent prints have started to squash as they build. I’ve checked the Layer Thickness in Kudo software and Slice Thickness in CW as both 0.05mm but am confused at what’s now going on and not too sure how to fix this. Hopefully the pic can explain as well. It should look like ‘A’ but starts to look like ‘B’ before I abort it as it appears to start pressing down into the vat and takes on a bit of a convex shape - Can any of you smarter folk help out? Thanks.

Two questions:

(1) Is there anything solid left in the vat at the end of the print? If so, can you take a picture of the remnant after emptying resin from the vat?

(2) During the print cycle, how high does the Z axis get? Does the print complete at the height of the physical print that emerges? Or at the height expected from the model?

jkao, thanks for getting back to this.
(1) There was nothing left in the vat as the print progressed and I aborted this before it reached the end.
(2) It looked like it was heading for a squashed version of the emerging print and not the height expected from the model.

I’m thinking of an uninstall/re-install (?) of the software and try a dry run to check the Z heights unless there are any other options to explore?

Is the thickness of the base as printed the same as what is modeled in Creation Workshop?

Jkao, it came out at around 80% of the thickness. I re-installed the V3.1 software and tried another dry test of a 20mm cube which measured out correctly at 20mm in height so went ahead again with the desired print at 0.05 layers but again this came out squashed to 74% of the height. I then tried to compensate for this by multiplying the Z lift of 0.05 by 100/74 but no joy here as the print over-heightened itself. For the moment however, I’ve adjusted the Z lift to 0.051 and this seems to be doing the trick for now anyway, for what I want. But if you have any other suggestions - I’m back on board right now and for the foreseeable future.

If the dry test was fine and there was something wrong when you actually printed, then the electronics and calibration are fine, but something is interfering with the Z accuracy when the system is under actual mechanical load. I would be suspicious that something is loose in the Z axis that would cause it to mechanically lose steps. Make sure that you’ve got good lubrication per the manual and that your Z-axis coupler and other mechanical components are snug.

Jkao, Thanks, yes - the Z-axis coupler grub screws were indeed needing tightened up. I had found this out when I was manually lowering the build platform. When pressing down on the assembly (with the 4 screws slackened) the main vertical (Z) drive screw started turning but the stepper motor couple remained stationary. Happy days! Now I just need to find out where my Z-Home button and X and Y Offset buttons went and we’ll be up and running big-style :wink:

Great! Glad to hear that you found the problem.