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Print-in-place Gear Bearing

I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile, and finally got around to trying out an elementary movable print-in-place item, emmett’s gear bearing on Thingiverse.

I did these using some Photocentric3D Firm resin that I bought and pigmented myself. My first two tries printed, but were frozen in place because I didn’t use enough pigment. I upped the pigment concentration to about 0.8% and got a working part out.

The part needs to be printed flat so that it can be self-supporting as designed:

I was initially too conservative and printed it with a 0.4mm clearance, making the parts a bit too loose, especially since the Photocentric3D Firm resin is kind of rubbery. They also make a Hard grade resin that would probably be better suited for this purpose.



Which also mean with a bit of squishing, I could also take the individual gears out:


A subsequent print with 0.25mm clearance functioned better:


Here’s a video of it moving:

Oh, and as far as settings go, Photocentric’s resin requires 18-20 seconds per layer at 90 microns XY, 100 microns Z.

Hey jkao! Thanks for sharing. :+1:
Would it be okay to share your work on Facebook, Instagram and on our webpage?

@kudo3d_team Yes, please do. Thanks!

Here’s an animated GIF version you can use instead of a full video:

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