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Printer confused sizes

Hello. I have a problem with a printer that confused size when printing. One party / width / is greater then 2 mm.
What are the possible reasons for this?

It’s hard to diagnose dimensionality off of printed parts because all resins shrink, and different resins shrink differently.

What XY resolution are you set at, and have you checked squareness with a calibration grid (like @jensa’s grid on the downloads page)? The best way to check dimensionality is optically, using a calibration grid and by measuring the dimensions of the grid. After getting the printed calibration grid optically square, I put a blank sheet of paper in the vat, mark the corners, and measure them with calipers. The measured dimensions are the X and Y dimensions in Creation Workshop.

If you get the printer optically square and measured, that will give you assurance that the printer is level. Then you can move on to how to deal with shrinkage. If you’re only interested in outer diameter accuracy, you can print a rectangular test part with known dimensions, and use the X and Y dimensions to plug in the size tweaking wizard in CW.

If you need both internal and external dimensions accurate, you’ll need a calibration part that has a rectangular hole, and the adjust parameters until the amount of over/under sizing is the same for both ID and OD.

thanks a lot. Yesterday I read about lasers and mirrors. it turns out that all printers have the scattering beam at the end but to me it is a very big mistake. I will try grid to see what is the margin of error to me.

2mm is quite large. I generally can get to +/- 0.2mm fairly easily at 100 microns XY.

Others, like @tdixon1000 who runs a manufacturing business, is able to get to 0.05 mm (0.002 inches) from his reports at:


I suggest taking a look at that thread to see what others have done and calibration methods.