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Printing From a Raspberry Pi with Photonic3D


Spent some time over the last two weekends integrating, filing bugs, and writing some code with the Creation Workshop Host team to get it running with the Titan 1:

There are still some rough edges, and I wouldn’t yet recommend people going out and trying to set this up yet. Even following the printer setup instructions I write in the CWH wiki (which use a Titan 1 as an example), the setup experience would be kind of hairy unless you are very comfortable with JavaScript, Linux, and G-code.

My goal is to create an out-of-the-box usable machine template for the Titan 1 that would work without having to do any custom machine configuration.

Right now, you need to be Linux-literate (especially with SSH and the command-line) in order to do serial port diagnostics should you have printer connectivity issues, which I am currently encountering at a surprisingly high rate at the OS level, not at the CWH software level.

Still, it’s promising that things have moved so fast over the last 2 weeks.


Hi James,

Thank you for looking into this. I have been waiting for something like this and was hoping Kudo3D was onto it.

Look forward to it.


I am very interested in setting this host up with my Titan 1, however I could not find the printer setup instructions you mentioned in the CWH wiki. do oyu have a link?
Also how has development progressed since this post?


The wiki that I referred to is here:


which was the only wiki at the time.

Since then, we’ve opened up a standalone website (https://photonic3d.com) with a forum there and have made many advancements. I’m in the final stages of including a reasonably usable template for the Titan 1 using a downloadable template feature that Wes added.

I would suggest to you register in the Photonic3D forum to see the latest info. I’ll make an announcement there when I have usable setup steps.


I have created a default printer template for the Titan 1, and I’ve printed about a liter of resin with this setup. If you have a Raspberry Pi 1-3, I would love to have you try it and give me feedback.

I would suggest visiting https://photonic3d.com and installing by downloading the Raspberry Pi system image and following the instructions in the wiki.

For questions and support, use the forum topic at https://forum.photonic3d.com/t/kudo3d-titan-1/



Thanks, I will definitely try this when I get back to printing in a couple of weeks. I have a spare Raspberry Pi lying around and I’d love to free up the PC currently dedicated to printing.