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Printing parameters


The part printed correctly when i used your software( windows version) but i only have 17 days remaining, what will i do later? The print took 8hr 30mins to complete, thats just too much and the print quality wasn’t that good either.
Anyway, i will ask this straight, can you provide better printing parameters because your stock settings doesn’t seem to work. Did you even test the resin before selling it to us?
This is downright frustrating, when i try your stock settings the prints fail but when i improve the settings it takes 8hrs to print one small ring.
I dont have time for testing your resins for you, i hoped some small tweaks would be enough but i was horribly wrong.
Please try replying a bit faster @Kudo3D_Tech_Support


The parameters depends on a lot of factor. That is why there is an advance mode. Printing a bigger model will be more difficult than a small model. It also depends on the shape and structure of the model. Printing 10 rings at the same time will be different from printing only one ring.


Leaving a larger margin for the parameters will make it easier by trading off the speed. There is no one fit all parameter.


I have printed a part on kudo 3D Titan 2 but during the printing process , i have found the print to be coming out like this while printing initial layers , you can see in the attached image. I’m not able to figure out what the exact issue is? Is it with resin or slicing parameters.

Kindly revert.