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Printing perfect cube -issues....?!@e$#?


I am encountering the following problems as per the enclosed images.the cube and the deadpool figure were printed together. you can see the same displacement onthe both of them

As you can see, the bottom and top side of the cube is sheared to one side. This occurs only at the beginning and the end of the cube. The height of the deformation

is nearly the same as the cube thickness.

The model is a perfect cube.

Please advise me what could be the reason for this to happen.

and also what can I do to avoid it.

I have tried several times with 2 different materials - green & gray resin

…. and different cube sizes.

The effect is the same.

I shall be most grateful if you also send me a troubleshooting guide for printing as I was not able to find such on the Web.

As you can understand the above described problem is quite an issue and I will appreciate your help in resolving it.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards