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Problem - prints from Bean collapse on one side

Most prints coming out of my Bean 3D printer have a problem - they collapse to one side.
Yesterday I printed 2 different shapes: a sphere, and a flat rectangle.
The sphere came out nice, while the flat rectangle collapse to one side.
I use Meshmixer to generate the model.

Has anyone encountered this problem?

A picture of the collapsed print while still on the print platform would really help.
Also, which Resin you’re using and settings.


My company moved recently and I can’t find the print anymore. We haven’t setup the printer yet so i also not able to print for now.

I have tried to draw a schematic of the problem, below.
The build plate is the wide horizontal line, and the prints are below.
Top is the intended print: a parallélépipède (rectangle), and a sphere. Bottom is the resulting print, where the sphere print ok, but the rectangle collapses to one side.

Any idea?

Where in the drawing, relative to the failed print would the Z-axis be?

If it’s to the left or right, it’s most likely an issue with the lifting. It may not even be fully releasing from the bottom of the vat during the lift.

I have amended the drawing above.

I meant, ‘where is the physical z-axis beam located’ compared to the failing print’

@Gadgetman Hi, sorry I didn’t see your response until now. By “z-axis beam”, I assume you mean the pillar that holds and moves the plate up/dow?
This has been a while and I can’t remember, so I wanted to reprint the same file, but now the plate won’t even move up or dow or back to home.
When I click the “home” icon in the printer online interface, there is nothing happening. I have tried to reboot, but it’s still not working.
Any suggestion?

Yes I mean the pillar.

Which position does the printer report for the Z-axis?

It should be different every time you switch it on as it’s just using random data.
(It has no idea where the print bed is until it has been homed)
I’m assuming that the bed is up at the top, not at ‘home’(bottom)

With the printer off, can you grab the threaded rod and gently rotate it?
(It’s connected to a stepper motor, so you’ll feel it ‘stepping’ as you rotate the rod. )
I held it between my thumb and index finger and easily twisted mine.
Don’t do it too much, though, as it generates a voltage in the system.

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