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Probleme with :Z / shutter and fan


Hi evry body .

So i am new customer and i had just reccept my titan 2 emerald.
But afer tcheking the box content and follow all the instructuions, i can’ t use the printer because the z control / motors fan / and shutter doesn’t gave me any response .
Nothing happen , no noise or whatever.

The only thing that give me a response is the control of the projector that i can turn on /off but that is all.
So after watching the videos of bulding the Titan 1 i have noticide that the "red card " wasn’t built in the same way that my Titan 2. there is no USB connection in mine and it is not set to the hard box.
May it is correct for titan 2 but i don’t know .
So i made somme photos, just to help to hollow you to tel me if the bult of mine is corect or not.
If it is, coud you give me some other method / tcheking to help me to make my Titan turn.
Thanks .

Fan & Projector, does not turn on in Titan 2 HR

Hmm… that seems strange. The board you are holding is the RAMPS board, which contains the motor drivers. All those pins that are sticking out of the bottom should be plugged into an Arduino microcontroller board.

Was the RAMPS board simply hanging loose inside of the case? Or was it screwed into something?


I think there is a mising part to .
I took some pictures if that could help and the board wasn’t screwed anywhere .


And another one picture more close.


Ok, after looking for again i have observed that the blue board seems to be connected with the red board .
Do you think that could be the solution ? I woundn’t want to do a stupid thing .
Thanks again .


It looks like the RAMPS board may have shaken loose from the Mega 2560 during shipping. The pins out the back of the RAMPS board should match the headers on the 2560 board and should be firmly seated.


Finaly it works :slight_smile:
The board may have probably disconecting during the shipping .
Thanks a lot for your answers again .


Few printers were opened by the custom for an inspection. Sometimes the wires and boards are unplugged. If anyone has this problem, please contact us directly.