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Projected image is smaller than expected

I have a sliced stl file. I used SLAcer.js. The original dimensions of the object are 153cm x 111cm. The projector is calibrated to 100microns. When I start the run, I get a projected image of 35cm x 46cm. I’m not sure where I messed up. Any suggestions how I get my model to project to the original size?

Hello? Anyone home? :slight_smile:

I’ll document what I’m doing so far. I’ve used Slacer to scale up the .stl file, then sliced it again. Since it scaled the thickness too, I went in and deleted “extra” images for the thickness I intended. There is a 3mm base and letters out of the base at a height of 2mm, so 5mm total. So I have 30 images for the base and 20 images for the raised letters.

I was encouraged until I did a dry run and the slices did not project in the correct order. Then, I remembered I had the same issue last year. I was told to pad the slice names with zeros, but that made no difference last year, but I’ll try it again this year. Then, I do the dry run and see if the image order is correct.

Ok, got past the ordering issue by padding with zeros.

Now, I have a problem where my model has 40 slices, but when I load it into the Kudo software, it says I have 80 slices. I’m using the Kudo Titan V3.1 software.

Ok, I copied my 40 slices into a different files slices folder, loaded that file and it recognized that there were 40 files in there.