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PSP1 vs PSP2 vat


Can someone tell me the difference between the two vats? Preferably post pics.
I have one PSP1 and one PSP2 but not sure which is which. Just got my printer working and want to use the PSP1 first for learning.

Thanks in advance.


@co3Dprints, watching my two vats the v2 have the side walls thicker (less transparent) than the v1.


There are 3 versions of the PSP vat, the easiest way to tell them apart are:

  • Original v1 - Flexible film sidewalls, hard silicone floor
<li>3DM v1 - Thicker plastic sidewalls, hard silicone floor</li>

<li>v2 - Thicker plastic sidewalls (like v1), soft silicone floor</li>

Kudo3D send me a prototype v2 vat and I made a few videos describing them. The main difference in printing should be less risk of the film coming off the vat (because the silicone is software and can conform to deformation stresses while retaining film adhesion) and slight reduction in separation forces leading to better surface finish for small prints.


I just recieved 2 new vats from Kudo3D. As usual I work during the day and print offsite 40 min away and upon brief inspection. I opened 1 of the new vats to start a long print with. First thing I wanted to point out is that the box came with better instructions for handeling and care. Also a line item about adding Silicon to the sidewalls is clearly struc out and indeed, the person that built this vat did a nice job of lining the seams with super soft, actually sticky silicone to the touch.

My concern is that the top most FEP layer looks cloudy!? I read through the paper instructions shipped and it does not indicate that a protective film is supposed to be removed before use. I’ve previously had a v1 and v2 vat and both were very clear. I ordered this without specifying any resin’s and wondering if it’s for the 3DM-ABS which I don’t use, yet.

Does the V2 vat cover the 3DM-ABS resin as well as the other resin’s or are there 2 types of V2 vats? I didn’t have time to investigate further and hope I didn’t make a big mistake here.


P.S. I looked back at your video also about the V2 vs V1 vat and looking at your vat surface of the V2; it’s much clearer looking after your removing the FTD-IB than the vat surface I just recieved. Ofcourse it’s wet but even after spraying a bit of IPA onto the surface it remained cloudy. Also when calibrating, the projector grid appears to be scattering lite a bit too which is disconcerting but maybe not an issue from straight below.


There’s a post (I think an official one on here from Kudo) that mentions you should remove the bottom (outside-bottom) and front-back protective film. To be clear, there is none inside the vat, so don’t try and pull anything out from the inside.

I’ve got a v2 vat, and yet again ended up with bubbles in the film after 15ish prints. You may want to use tape or something to reinforce the edge seal where the film touches the side silicon.


Doh! I knew in my gut something was amiss. Thanks for letting me know. 3D printing in a rush all the time is difficult. Wonder now if when I stop by after work if I’ll have a print? Whooops,’

Thanks Nathan. I’ll search for he official annoucement. Kinda wonder why that wasn’t on the paper instructions. Oh well.


Yeah, the only film you need to remove is on the outside of the vat, nothing inside the vat to remove.

There is only one type of v2 vat, with the thicker sidewall suitable for use with 3DM resins. To my knowledge, there are no thin-film v2 vats.


Hi Guys,

Apologies for resurrecting a thread that is more than a year old! I have a similar issue, haven’t started a print yet, just trying to get my head around the assembly of the Titan 1 and the software processes. I too have noticed that my vat has what appears to be a film on top of a film inside the vat. Looking at it, i get about a 5mm border of sticky silicone around the film, then there is another 5mm border around that film that looks like a smaller film on top of it. The clarity is nothing like the videos, and it seriously looks like there is a protective coating on top of the teflon film. Should there be only one film in the vat?

Thanks for any help you can provide this newbie!


There is a protective film on the bottom of the vat, on the hard side, that should be removed.


Thanks Jkao,

I understand that there is one on the bottom of the vat, but it also appears as though there is two films in the vat, one on top of the other. is that normal? or did they at some stage ship them with a protective film on the teflon film? I’ve only just started working on this printer. It probably arrived about a year ago!