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Replacing the mega

maybe some of you know me when i post a problem about can’t control my bean
it has more than 30 replies!

anyway !

the problem was the mega is dead !
and the support told me to replace it ( better with ramps and a4988 )
so i did !

i got new one and uploaded the marlin they provided in mail to the mega
i connect everything

and here is the problem:
1- the back panel fan was working before i replacing the items , now it’s not :confused:

2- i got the printer connected finally in the site kudo3d.local but when i try to move it up or down
i got sounds but without moving

so am i doing this wrong?
or what could be the problem now ?

i solved it
they told me the fan will work when printing !
tha back panel fan should always be on !!
i’m not sure about that didn’t print yet

and for the moving issue
they told me “ There is a screw on top of the a4988.You can adjust it to increase the current. “

so i just used the old one :slight_smile:
and it works now !