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SLA resin formlabs on Titan2

Hello, i am using Titan2, but now i have only UV resin formlabs Clear, i want to use it but i don’t know how, The parameters for SLA mode? Any body can help me? With a test file and parameters??
Many thanks.

Hello, with Titan2 you have DLP printing not SLA. SLA for Titan2 just means you can use SLA resin for DLP printing. Since we are printing layer by layer opposed to XYZ spots with SLA, the parameters depend on several factors. The layer by layer area of your design. The Z resolution you want to use, 25 um, 50 um, or 100 um. You usually want a build support where your supports stick to. The build support usually has an exposure time 10 times greater than exposure time of you design. The exposure time is the time your resin is exposed to the UV light from DLP projector. The larger the area of your design the more exposure you need since the light intensity is weaker around the edges of your build platform.
Check this link out from kudo3d for further info. You can use clear settings – I would practice with a small square box with small volume to see the exposure rate of your resin.
I also have a link of where Iam using Titan to print chiral ball.

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