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SLAcer.. help please


I cannot get this to work. I have added items to the slicer as you can see in images. when you press the button. nothing happens. what am I doing wrong.

thanks for help


Try a different browser.

I had a slightly different issue with chrome but reloading worked.

My slicer would pause if i multi-tasked eg went to look at my email then flipped back


Brilliant, annoying, but brilliant. Seems to work if you use CHROME. many thanks for great answer.


Sorry, dose not seem to be the fix. worked once and never again. tried three different browsers. cant get it to work


If it worked once, maybe clearing the cache of the browser would make it work again?

Other than that, this slicer did not do good work with my models, it seemed to not to catch all slices correctly, thus I moved away from that solution and tried a different slicer, which solved the issues.


which do you recommend