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Some test prints!

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Finally got some test prints done. First few failed which was expected and then finally on my 4th attempt I got something that was technically a success but because the cvs settings was for a 37um print of yoda, he came out squashed haha as my printer is calibrated to 100um.

So I resliced it for my setup and reprinted. And I got a successful print on my 5th attempt.

Both yodas took 2 hours.

I did another test using the arm from my hulk model. Approximately the same height as the yodas and it also took 2 hours. Quite happy with the results.

Got a little mark and bubble on my vat but hopefully it’s small enough to not affect the projection.

I doubt my settings are optimised but if anyone wants the settings I used for the yoda at 100xy and 100z, let me know.

Nice, that squished Yoda makes for an interesting optical effect in the 2D photograph :slight_smile:

Haha…Yea I showed my friend and he said the same thing.

Did a few more prints


I thought the T-Rex from Makerbot would be a good test. My first 4 attempts failed hard haha. It kept falling off the platform. So on my 5th attempt I made the attachment layer cover a large area. It printed fully but one of the corners started to peel(I assume it wasn’t cured fully because of the falloff?) and even though it didn’t fall off the platform I think the peeling of the corner caused the lower jaw of the T-Rex to be misaligned.

Those are cool, Terry. Thanks for sharing them. Are you post-curing them with the lamp or just outside?


After washing with IPA, it seems pretty dry but I just leave it outside as here in New Zealand it is summer so there is no lack of UV light haha.

These look great- care to share your print settings, resolution and resin info? The t-rex really came out fantastic.

Thank you! Yea no problem.

All the prints have been printed at 100 xyz resolution. So far all the prints I have done is with the black subG+ without added pigments.

The yoda is a different size as I resliced it for 100 xy resolution. The output size was about 4 cm. The hulk arm and the sphere and cube are about the same height so the settings were pretty much the same. The T-rex skull was about 5.4 cm

The T-rex unfortunately had a small error if you look closely at the lower jaw. I can’t say for sure what the problem was. My gut feeling is that the attachment started to peel on one corner and messed up the print has it lifted and dropped. Also, I feel the resin slowly got damaged as I reused it a few times even though I did add new resin each time.

Will upload my csv files in a bit. Just got to sort through the ones that were failed settings so I don’t upload the wrong ones haha.

Here you go…I have attached all the settings of my successful prints

I have the setting for the 2nd T-rex…I used green resin and it came out perfect, no slight peels and no misalignment. It was stuck firm on the platform. The settings I used isn’t too different to the black version but I guess fresh resin actually made a big difference.

Will post up some more pics tomorrow…sleepy now =P

cube_sphere_14_01_28_001_100xyz_black_resin.csv (294 Bytes)

trex_test_14_01_31_004_100xyz_green_resin.csv (294 Bytes)

trex_test_14_01_30_003_100xyz_black_resin.csv (294 Bytes)

yoda_test_14_01_25_001_100xyz_black_resin.csv (294 Bytes)

Awesome, thank you! It’s definitely helpful to see what’s working for people. My results are inconsistent at best.

If anyone is keen to see the result of the T-rex in green resin, check it out in the link below.

It came out perfect except for a line that runs across it, I think that is the resin pigment settling

Great prints. I love the T-REX in black G+ Looks like night of the museum…

Thanks co3Dprints

So far the thing I have struggled with is adding pigment. But hopefully will find a sweet spot for it. Print times increases quite a bit when you add pigment.

Anyway, here is a print that uses red resin without added pigments. Turned out pretty good except for the lumpiness caused by light bleed.

If you printed those objects vertically you would see much better results. Plus the moire patterns would look cleaner as well.

@Terry–Thanks for sharing, I have new hope for this resin now.
I got inspired by your success with keeping the G+ resin stuck to the build platform and ran some TRex skulls sized at 60%. Your csv templates worked great and not even one of four skulls came off the platform. Both red and black MJ G+ resins at 75um zheight.

@Taylor - Good to hear you having success!

I haven’t printed anything in a while. Did some maintenance on the printer and changed the xy resolution to 75um. So I printed the saber tooth skull from makerbot website as a test to make sure things were calibrated properly. By the way, this model has failed everytime for me previously lol

Check it out

Just completed the Mjolnir hammer for my son. Used Makerjuice G+. Quite happy with the results. But had lots of light bleed so I had to do a bit of post processing to get it to this stage.

more images here - http://terryenghe.com/2015/07/30/whosoever-holds-this-hammer/

Great print! I bet he loved that hammer. Nice finishing too :slight_smile:

Hi, TeZzy

wonderfoul works !!! congratulations !!!

I want to do a test with the sphere and the cube … Can you place a link with 3D models?

Thanks in advance.

Awesome designs and prints!