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Stepping motor

I’ll keep the spare of stepping motor.
But even if I searched for the model number, anything to fit in couldn’t be found.
Does anyone know the place which is being sold to international?
Or please tell me a compatible product.

The A4988 stepper driver can drive almost any bipolar NEMA 17 stepper motor (NEMA 17 sized with 4 wires).

The Marlin code shows that the default stepper is configured for 3200 steps per mm, which would correspond to the setting for a stepper with 200 steps per revolution (1.8 degrees per step, which is the most common) with an M6 lead screw (I haven’t measured the screw in the linear stage directly, but this looks about right).

Thus, any NEMA 17 stepper with 1.8 degrees per step should be a drop in replacement, like:


The one thing that you will have to aware of is the wiring. Different stepper manufacturers use different colors to indicate the different wires, so you may find that the colors don’t match up.

Instead of matching colors, you should look at the wiring diagram for the stepper you choose and match it to the wiring diagram of the A4988:


Note the pins marked 2B, 2A, 1B, and 1A. Those are depicted going out to a schematic diagram representing the phases of the motor. The spec sheet for a stepper should have a similar schematic, which you’d then match to the driver’s pins.

If you find a specific stepper and need help, let me know. Good luck!

I am thankful for your extremely detailed explanation.
In addition to how to choose motors, the attention of the wiring was very helpful.

Thanks for the great information, I am looking forward to getting a new stepper motor in the mail. Also thanks to Kudo for getting back to me so quickly with the problem solving.

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has anyone bought from it before?