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Test of the mapping and overhang

The front side output was not good on my machine because the UV strength’s difference was about 3 times in the center and a corner.
It was improved in the whole approximately uniformly with the 30% mask and up the base time to 2.5 times, like the photograph.

And, I tested the overhang.
In my setting, it was output without a problem to 30 degrees or more.

tester files

Nice! Can you upload the image you used for the mask?

I would like to see the mask you used for this as well, any chance Kentaro?

I’m sorry for my late response.

This file is a mask and the shell scripts which I use.

I have not yet tried Mask-Creator.
I find the center from UV intensity and only bet the gradation of the perfect circle on the whole.
In addition, this is a mask for D912HD, please be careful about the things that are not for H6510BD.

I use this with imagemagick and cygwin.

How to use this scripts,
1.Install cygwin(or use on unixlikeOS) and imagemagics.
2.Unzip maskconv.zip anywhere.
3.Change “(unzipped path)/maskconv/mask/mask30.png” to “your maskfile” and rewrite “mask30.png” to your maskfile’s name in “convert.sh”.
4.Run cygwin and command ‘cd /cygdrive/(unzipped path)/maskconv/’.
5.Copy source png files(made by CWS) to ‘(unzipped path)/maskconv/’.
6.command ‘./convert.sh’ is make masked png files in ‘(unzipped path)/maskconv/conv/’
7.zipping masked png files and print on Taitan1.
8.‘clearsrc.sh’ is remove all source png files,‘clearconv.sh’ is remove all masked png files.

Thank you Kentaro. Much appreciated! I’m going to probably just setup a batch routine in PS. I’ll post that batch script here for anyone else interested.