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TEST PRINT does not adhere! UPDATE: FIXED


After putting the Bean printer together and following the quick start guide to the letter… The Rook test print won’t adhere to the build plate! Instead I’ve gone through 3 films already because that is what the resin decides to adhere to. How is it that the TEST print does not work? I’ve tried a couple attempts at increasing and decreasing the exposure times and nothing.


Moving from the controls tab to the print tab resets the print parameters on my browser. Re-selecting the resin type fixed the problem.


You shouldn’t have to change films when the print sticks to it.
Drain the rest of the resin from the tank into another container.
This will take 2 or 3 minutes, but nearly all the liquid resin should drain out.
Then, using a finger, press on the underside of the FEP sheet so that you can grab the edge of the failed print and peel it off the sheet. I’ve printed dozens of items and had several failures without ever changing the FEP sheet.