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Titan 1 is named top 10 Sub $5K SLA 3D Printer!


We are excited and honored that the Titan 1 made it on this list!

Thanks to each and every one of you - we made this possible. Please help comment and upvote comments that showcase the versatility and high performance of our printer.

Thanks again and have a great weekend!

-Kudo3D Team




Hey Everyone,

Here is another article that shows that the Titan 1 is in the top 4 Printers currently (17/3/16) on the market.

Check it out.

As a FFF user I am looking at getting into the SLA / DLP market and have narrowed the options down to the Titan 1 because of its flexibility and quality and the Photocentric liquid crystal which is based purely on price and I would need to deal with proprietary materials (which are not as good), small build volume and reduced detail… I hope my company shows me the money and allows me to get the Titan!!!